Spore Strips

Spore Strips (BI's) are used to validate and routinely monitor various types of sterilization processes. Species are available for EtO, Steam, Dry Heat, and Chemical Vapor sterilization techniques.
Bacillus stearothermophilus strips are used to validate and determine the adequacy of steam or chemical vapor sterilization. Each strip contains a standard population of 10^5.

Bacillus subtilis strips are used to validate and determine the adequacy of ethylene oxide or dry heat sterilization. The standard population is 10^6 for validation and routine monitoring.

Combined spore strips contain both Bacillus stearothermophilus populations of 10^5 and Bacillus subtilis populations of 10^6. These strips can be used to monitor steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat and chemical vapor sterilization methods. Unless otherwise requested, we at Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. ship with your Assurance Plan the combined biological indicators.



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Did You Know.

State statutes differ from state to state on requirements for sterilizer monitoring. Most require weekly or monthly testing.


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