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Whether or not this is your first time thinking about our sterilizer monitoring assurance program or your current monitoring service is about to expire. We at Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. need to ask you why you should consider monitoring your medical equipment sterilizer. It is an ever-increasing requirement of many state medical boards, e.g., California, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon; that a third party sterilizer monitoring program be implemented. The use of spore strips (biological indicators) to validate and routinely monitor the sterilization process is endorsed by such organizations as the Association of Operating Room Nurses and the American Society of Healthcare Central Service Professionals. Clinical Research Associates has produced a series of notices regarding certain sterilizers which states that not all sterilizers actually perform their function and that specifically all heat sterilizers should be monitored weekly to insure their proper operation in the prevention of disease transmission. As more medically related institutions implement a full infection control program to reduce their risk of liability and loss of financial health of their facility; many are turning to Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. for a fully integrated sterilizer monitoring assurance program.

The Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. tailored sterilizer monitoring assurance program is a fully comprehensive and practical approach to the sterilization monitoring procedures and methods that you can count on to reduce your risk of an undetected sterilization process failure. Our proven test result verification procedures in conjunction with optional controls and a qualified staff, provide you the assurance that false positive tests are reduced to a minimum and in most cases are totally eliminated.

We at Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. will provide you with a sterilizer monitoring assurance program at costs far below our competition. Our program provides for confidential telephone notification of failed tests which have been gram stained and reviewed under microscope, free and immediate failed test replacement to insure that the cause of the sterilization or sterilization process failure has been corrected, a toll-free 800 number for your convenience, an optional control strip with each test, a your option - , monthly, or quarterly statement of test results, and a participation certificate suitable for framing. Our costs are low because we are fully automated and have what could be determined as the most modern facility in the United States and Canada. It is simple to receive professional, timely, and quality assured third party sterilizer monitoring. Merely select your plan from the table below. Pick-up your phone, dial our toll-free customer service hotline (800) 748-5687 and place your order and your kit will be mailed within 36 hours or use our online order show above.




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Did You Know.

State statutes differ from state to state on requirements for sterilizer monitoring. Most require weekly or monthly testing.


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