Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. of St. Petersburg, FL; is a rapidly growing client-driven sterilizer monitoring assurance program supplier. The distinguished level of professional services provided is a result of being an employee-owned company employing not only the best technical people, but those technical people with a strong work ethic and the highest level of medical and professional integrity.
Our mission therefore is:

To provide our clients with the best and most cost effective, fully integrated third party sterilizer monitoring assurance programs available within the industry; with timely statistical reporting of program history.

To provide our clients with a tailored and comprehensive sterilizer monitoring assurance program which reduces the risk of an undetected sterilization process failure while keeping false positive tests to a minimum or at the utmost; eliminated; with an additional means of helping to reduce the risk of liability and loss of financial health of their facility.

To treat our clients and affiliates with respect and and the highest level of professionalism at all times.

To contribute to our community by participating in projects that enhance the general welfare.

To contribute to our industry by demonstrating the highest level of integrity; by encouraging our clients active participation in their sterilizer monitoring assurance programs; by maintaining close working relationships with insurance and state agencies within the realm of the medical and dental industries.




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Did You Know.

State statutes differ from state to state on requirements for sterilizer monitoring. Most require weekly or monthly testing.


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