We thank you for your interest in Coastal BioTech Services, Inc.. We have created a sterilizer assurance program to meet yours and/or your state medical board requirements. Although not all state medical boards require testing; it is suggested by the manufacturers of steam, dry heat, gas-EtO and chemical sterilizers that a testing program using biological indicators be implemented on a regular basis for accurate sterilization.

We offer many options to serve state requirements, patients' safety and you. We offer weekly, monthly and bi-weekly testing, with or without controls. We normally fill all orders within 36 hours and ship UPS ground. We look forward to your ordering your sterilizer assurance service with us. We provide an economical program while always passing our savings on to our clients.

The testing kit includes spore strips (biological indicators), return envelopes, certificate of active sterilization monitoring, tracking log, and complete step by step instructions. Notification should a strip fail is always immediate and confidential. We will send a spore strip replacement for re-test to rule out or confirm human error.

The staff of Coastal Biotech Services, Inc. is always happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call at (800)748-5687.

We at Coastal BioTech Services, Inc. would like to take this brief moment to thank-you and your organization for your interest in our company with regard to your third party sterilizer monitoring assurance program plans. Our dedication to providing you with the most accurate and detailed test reporting the industry has to offer, along with your commitment to the routine evaluation of each sterilizer by the use of biological indicators; is recognized as essential to the effective sterilization of medical supplies and will act as part of your full in-house infection control program.




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Did You Know.

State statutes differ from state to state on requirements for sterilizer monitoring. Most require weekly or monthly testing.


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